Henry Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of Color Control Network (CCN) and the inventor of the CCN technology, is a noted authority on commercial color printing who has been respected in the industry for more than 45 years.

Henry began his career in the commercial printing business in 1961 as a general industry apprentice in color separation and offset printing. More than working to produce jobs, studying all aspects of printing has been a part of his every day at work.

Henry became part owner of Graphic Arts Services Inc. in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1968. Moving to Dallas in 1972, Henry founded and became majority owner of Martinez Graphic Arts Inc., which was sold in 1984 to Beatrice Foods Co. and merged with a subsidiary of BFC, Techtron. Henry became General Manager of the Martinez & Rutter/Techtron Dallas operation after the successful sale of his company. In 1991 Henry founded MGI Studio, a prepress services company which has also served as the incubator for CCN.

A lifetime of being in the prepress segment of the industry has continuously positioned Henry between the creative content producers and the commercial printers. The opportunity to interact with both produced an intimate understanding of their concerns and needs, and thus the genesis of CCN.

Based on this close-at-hand understanding, in 1996 Henry embarked on a lifetime project to resolve the two most pressing obstacles to quality that faced the offset industry -- printing with a small-gamut CMYK four-color format and poor predictability on press.

Henry created and patented the CCN processes as the first new way to make accurate color richer and more vivid within the confines of the traditional offset CMYK process. Three U.S. patents and two European have been granted.

In October of 2007, it became clear to Henry and his CCN associates that the CCN offset technology could be adapted and applied to digital printing. And, in June 2012 Henry launched, PrintCMS, its first product for bringing high-precision color management to the digital printing industry.

Dave Hudson, Partner, Director of Sales and Marketing, began his career in the commercial printing industry holding position in both sales and marketing from 1979 to 1993. He is the founder and President of ColorMark, a commercial printer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Since its creation in 1993, ColorMark has been a leader in the commercial printing industry steadily employing over 100 employees and generating $20+ million dollars of yearly revenue. Despite the fact of the offset printing industry's state of flux, ColorMark has been profitable and growing.

Nine years ago, ColorMark became a beta test site for CCN's offset technology. Experiencing the tremendous success of CCN's offset product lead to Dave's investment company, DHAP, LLC, investing in and becoming a partner at CCN. In addition to ColorMark and CCN, Dave is a successful investor in other technology and real estate ventures. However, CCN is now his prime focus along with introducing Next Generation digital color management to the world's leading OEMs.

David is a retired professional hockey player who played in the National Hockey League in the 1970s. He played in 409 games for the New York Islanders, Kansas City Scouts, and Colorado Rockies. In his career he scored 59 goals, 124 assists and 183 points.

An avid horse owner and enthusiast, Dave owns Danterra Racing Stables in Ontario, Canada. Danterra is a complete training facility and Dave's racehorses compete throughout North America. Originally a hobby, Dave's racehorses have turned into a substantial business venture. Of all his businesses, "this is the most fun," he says.

Susan Jeffus, Partner, Legal Affairs, is an award winning attorney with over fourteen years of experience representing Fortune 10-100 companies. She has worked for publicly traded companies in highly regulated industries and has private equity and IPO experience. She also has a strong legal background and skills dealing with corporate governance, compliance, litigation, employment, and intellectual property issues.

Susan sits on the Supreme Court of Texas Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, is a member of The Barbara M.G. Lynn Inn of Court, and often serves as an international arbiter for the VIS International Arbitration & Litigation Competition in Vienna, Austria. She is a frequent speaker for the Texas Bar, Marcus Evans Chief Litigation Officer Summits and Lorman Legal Educational Services.

John Jeffus, Chief Technology Officer, joined CCN during 2006 and became the system architect who designed CCN's delivery system described herein. Currently, John divides his time between shepherding the technical aspects of CCN's systems and business development.

John began his software engineering career 20 years ago as a research scientist at Atlantic Richfield Oil and Gas Companies ("ARCO") R&D group in Plano, Texas. During his tenure at ARCO John was involved in fundamental research in the application of artificial intelligence techniques used for oil and gas exploration.

In 1991 John founded and became majority owner of Raindrop Software Corp. ("RDS") in Richardson, Texas. As President and CEO of RDS, John created the companies' business plan, recruited investors, and secured first and second-round funding. RDS, an engineering services firm, created software solutions for a wide variety of businesses. In 1995, Outlook Software Corp. purchased RDS, where John remained as President and CEO. After leaving Outlook Software Corp., John served as a consultant for companies such as Circuit City, Nissan, Wal-Mart, and Brierley & Partners designing enterprise software applications.

John graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

Don Ashe, Color Scientist and Director of Computational Software Development for Color Control Network, has worn many hats since joining the company in February 2003. During his first two years at CCN, Don wrote source code in development of an extraordinarily robust software engine described in one of CCN's pending patents "System and Method for Color Image Transformation".

Since then Don divides his time between supporting CCN's growing customer base and developing on and off site training for customers and resellers. Don combines his in-depth knowledge of CCN's technology with his easy going nature to make learning and support a pleasant experience.

Since 1995, Don has consulted in the arena of graphic communications. He has worked to provide solutions to prominent printing and publishing companies such as Hallmark Cards, Taylor Publishing, and Freisens Yearbooks, as well as to niche business entities such as Serichrome, Wellness Works, E-spec, and FredMiranda.com. He has written source code for software spanning major elements of color science such as image processing, color management, workflow automation, color separation, and proofing. His coding expertise includes augmenting functionality in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, and Indesign.

His titles have ranged from Senior Scientist at Piranha, Inc., a Dallas based image and video compression company to Customer Support at Alcatel Telecom in Richardson, TX.

Don also takes special pride in having served his country as a U.S. Navy Submariner.


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